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Heropage Hintergrund

adaptive, automated, innovative

Smart Systems for Facilities

The EU is making a transition: the Green Deal is coming and the building sector is affected. Implement your own intelligent systems to master these challenges.

Room for improvement in the building sector

The building sector accounts for 33,2% of energy consumption in Germany 1 and is the largest EU-wide energy consumer at 40%2.

Energie in Europa

1.3b tonnes of oil equivalent

1.3b toe

Primary energy consumption in the EU3


in the building sector

What changes to expect

Effizientes Haus

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is essential. 75% of the buildings in the EU, hardly qualify for energy efficiency4.

Europäischer Green Deal

With the European Green Deal, the EU is drafting measures to make Europe climate neutral by 2050.

Measures to be introduced5

And what we will focus on

Plans for Decarbonization

Define a plan to increase the proportion of low-emission buildings by 2050.

Promotion of automating and adapting technologies

Create incentives to support the introduction of technological innovation in the construction sector.

Introduction of the smart intelligence indicator

A standardized evaluation of a building's capabilities to integrate the latest technologies and electronic systems that adapt to the needs of the consumer

Introduce and leverage the use of electromobility in all buildings

With a growing interest in electric vehicles, the infrastructure for electromobility is to be introduced into the building sector

Promote and incentivize renovation

More funds for long-term strategies as well as the mobilization of investments in renovation.

Combating energy poverty

Counteracting rising energy costs

The Smart Readiness Indicator


The smart readiness indicator measures a building's capabilities to make use of intelligent technologies and systems that adapt to the needs of the consumer.

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These intelligent technologies are adaptive, automatically adjust to the needs of the resident and optimize their heating, cooling, lighting and energy consumption to the given conditions and the energy network.

Intelligente Technologien

With these measures, the EU hopes to raise awareness of intelligent technologies. An indicator gives tangible information about the level of intelligence and enables the EU to provide further incentives and support depending on the measurement.

Implement your own intelligent systems

We use in-house systems to fully take advantage of its digital potential: With our expertise we can accompany you through the implementation of your own customized systems.

Digitaler Zwilling

Digital Twins

By connecting physical objects and their sensors to a network of one or more digital objects, the existing environment is integrated into computer-based system.


Automated Stocktaking

The aim of this research project is to examine the extent to which the three-dimensional scans can be used in the operating phase in order to operate a building sustainably and efficiently.

Get started with intelligent systems now

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We will write back to you within a week. In further exchanges we may determine what future plan could be enacted to apply to your facilities.



With the expertise and the application of systems from our research work, we cultivate a digital transformation together in order to master the future.


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